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Everyone knows that mobile is the new market. Today more and more people are using their phone to surf the internet. Is your site ready for mobile traffic? Many sites are not compatible with a mobile device and their sites are slow to load or worse look ugly on a phone.

If you are using TGPWP to run your blog then purchase the mobile add on. This WordPress ready theme is great for delivering your site to any smart phone device. For only $15 you get a mobile ready theme with plenty of options. You have full mobile ready advertising control, deliver mobile ads and make more money.

TGPWP Mobile add on is simple to use. All you do is upload the theme on your WordPress site and with a simple plugin your blog is mobile ready. The theme runs in conjunction with your TGPWP theme. No need to buy a separate domain name or create a sub directory. If a person visits your site with a mobile phone then they will automatically get directed to the mobile theme.

Are you serious about moving into the mobile market then TGPWP WordPress them with the mobile add on is a great way to deliver a mobile ready site. Share your favorite images or use sponsor provided content to create great looking and selling galleries for both desktop computers and mobile devices. Download TGPWP V2.5 for free then buy your mobile add on for only $15 PayPal. I now offer instant download of the theme once payment is processed!

TGPWP Mobile Features

PhotoSwipe Technology
Give your photo galleries a native phone feel with PhotoSwipe. Users can open one image then use their fingers to swipe to all the other images in the gallery. If you have a horizontal image then users can rotate their phone and the image will resize instantly. They can also pinch zoom and save to their phone. To see more how PhotoSwipe works, check out the demo with your phone.
WordPress Admin Panel
Once you activate the theme you can control plenty with the built in Admin panel. Add advertising to the footer and header. Change your logo to match your site. Choose from three different color schemes and add Google analytics code to track usage. The admin panel is simple and it gives you control of your mobile site.
Advertising Control
Ready to make some money off of your mobile website? Then you have full control of all the advertising. Add a header banner, footer banner and even add custom advertising to each post. This way you can send the traffic to mobile ready sponsor links! Banners are added via the custom meta box when you create a new post. Each gallery can have custom banner advertising and custom links from the desktop gallery.
Built in Random Post Widget
This theme is widget ready, but you can always leave the built in random post widget in the footer. This way a surfer can check out your post without having to go back to the index. Want to add your own widget, no problem now with WordPress 3.3 your widget stays active even if the theme is not active. For more on this be sure to read the documentation after you purchase the theme.

TGPWP Mobile Sample Images

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  1. Blurp

    Love the new layout. You have put so much work in to this. Awesome job man, keep the progress going.

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